By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Toddler Hears About Snow For The First Time… And She’s NOT Buying It.

Snow is synonymous with childhood play. Regardless of how low the temperature drops, kids are able to spend hours outside having fun making snowmen, forts, and throwing snowballs.

Most children don’t really think about where the white fluff comes from. One dad attempts to explain where snow comes from to his toddler, except she doesn’t believe him. Every time the father tries to reveal the science behind it, she bursts out in the most adorable laugh.

The little girl is convinced her daddy is just being silly. Maybe this man’s daughter is too young to go into detail about the nature of things. Or maybe she prefers the idea that snow magically appears. We can’t wait to see him talk to her about rain in the spring. Watch this adorable video and try not to giggle.

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Source: mrCurmudgeon