By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

In Salisbury, New Brunswick A Train Creates A Spectacular Display As It Plows Through Snow.

New Brunswick, one of Canada's three maritime provinces, has gotten a TON of snow this winter. A series of several storms have completely coated the landscape over the course of a few weeks, and for awhile, it showed no signs of stopping.

When it finally ended, most people had a hard time getting around. However, the snow was clearly no match for this determined train that plowed through the fallen snow like it was butter!

A New Brunswick man caught this incredible footage of the train buffaloing its way through the drifts. The sight of it is pretty compelling, but the best part of the video is near the end: When the train finally gets to the road where the man is filming, he gets completely blasted with snowy shrapnel. He even has to wipe off his lens to get the rest of the shot!

Watch the cool video below (and if you're from the New Brunswick area, I'm sorry!)

Source: containerman2