These Amazing Boys From Minnesota Just Made Me Despise My Pathetic Excuse For A Snowman.

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Do you want to build a snowman? Brothers Austin, Trevor and Connor Bartz have taken their love of the white fluffy stuff to a whole new level. They use their front yard to play with snow differently than most kids in their neighborhood.

Based in New Brighton, Minnesota, the trio has built a different snow structure since 2012 such as a shark, a walrus and a puffer fish.

This year’s creation was s a turtle. However, building it was no easy feat. The brothers spent 300 hours and a whole lot of snow, not only from their own yard but their neighbour’s as well as the street.

There is no mention as to whether or not there are any artistic quarrels among the siblings, but the exercise is definitely a bonding experience and a tradition they proudly display on their Facebook and YouTube pages.




Puffer fish

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