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This Siberian Cat Is Attracting All Kinds Of Forest Friends.

Disney princesses have a long-standing reputation of having animals as friends. Princess Jasmine had a very loyal tiger as her sidekick. Ariel had a timid fish as her best friend. And, of course, Snow White had a way of attracting all of the forest animals to her side. Some humans have been known to have a special connection with animals. A connection so strong that others would consider it to be magical. What you don't usually hear about, is animals having that same kind of connection with other animals. This very unique cat has a knack for doing just that!

Sochi is a very special fella, with an incredible personality.

His human parents found him at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. He's a Siberian Forest Cat and certainly lives up to that name.

When his parents got him home, they discovered his love for adventure, and the outdoors.

He may be an indoor cat, but he loves going for walks with his dad. Even when he's inside, Sochi will sit by the window for hours to see what's going on.

That's exactly how he made his first friend.

His parents would find him in the morning sitting by the window, with some sort of animal on the other side. Sochi would wave at his squirrel friends, trying to get their attention.

Squirrels definitely weren't the only ones to visit Sochi.

His parents set up a bird feeder to try to make Sochi some more friends. They were completely surprised when a deer stopped by to say hello!

Sochi absolutely loves his furry friends, and will even stay up at night to wait for them.

"He has befriended one deer, about four squirrels, and an endless supply of birdies. He likes to watch them from his perch every morning, his daily routine," says Sochi's dad.

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