By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

When Her Neighbors Found Out Why She Needed So Many Socks They Couldn’t Stop Staring.

When we think of great art we assume a paint brush, a pencil or even a chisel are commonly used tools. However, the last thing one would think of in the creation of a masterpiece is a pair of socks.

For one “out of the box thinker” Red Hongyi, based in China her tools were bamboo sticks, pins and socks, lots of socks. In fact, 750 socks were used to create the portrait of another great artist Zhang Yimou, a renown Chinese film director and art director for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Only three colours were used, white, grey and white. Some people may have thought Hongyi might have lost her mind with the mass accumulation of socks or maybe she lost many pairs to the great abyss of laundry.

The finished product, albeit unorthodox is a very impressive piece that will probably make you change the way you look at socks.

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Source: Red Hongyi