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By Camila Villafañe

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Man Pulls Over To Buy Drink At Rest Stop And Ends Up Saving Abandoned Dog’s Life.

There's really no easy way to address the growing number of stray animals that are roaming the streets of the world. Most people are too busy trying to solve their own problems, so they rarely take the time to try to help an animal who might be walking around cold with an empty belly.

Fortunately, there are some good people in the world who do take the time to stop and see if there's anything that they can do for a stray. Take BJ Nemeth, for example. He loves pets so much that he often travels with Brisco, a rescue dog. But one night, he noticed another dog who was in desperate need of some TLC, and he decided to do something about it.

BJ Nemeth is a poker tournament reporter and he gets to travel around the US quite a bit.

He often travels with Brisco, his pooch, whom he considers to be an extension of his family. In fact, BJ loves his animal so much that he created a Twitter page for him. And it's a good thing he loves dogs so much, because there was another dog who really needed some help.

Nemeth was heading home to Atlanta, Georgia, but he didn't bring Brisco with him on this trip.

It was getting late and he decided to pull over at an Alabama rest stop to grab himself a soda. But as he walked over to the vending machine, he noticed someone, or rather something, who left him absolutely stunned.

He saw a pooch who was lying under a vending machine. He had originally feared the worst.

He assumed that something might have happened to the dog because it was there on the ground, lying still. At first, he feared the dog might not be alive. So, he went over to check on it, and fortunately, it was breathing.

Nemeth was very relieved to see that the pooch was very much alive and kicking, but it needed help.

He decided to take a photo using his phone so that the flash wouldn't startle the pooch, which he learned was female. The dog might not have used words, but it was obvious from the way it looked at him that it wanted a lot of things from this human who had walked up to help.

The first thing he did was to buy the dog some crackers from one of the vending machines.

He also noticed that the dog had been using a discarded styrofoam container to drink water out of, but this was only a temporary solution for the pooch, who seemed tired and sad. To make things worse, there was nothing around the area for six miles in both directions.

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