By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This DIY Sofa Table Will Transform Your Living Room, And It Only Costs $25.

When it comes to furniture, not all spaces are created equal. It might be easy enough to find a standard sized coffee table or bed frame, but what if you need furniture that occupies a very specific - and somewhat peculiar - space?

That's where the DIY comes in. When you make your own furniture, you get to decide its exact dimensions without sacrificing on style, and what this creative DIY'er came up with is nothing short of genius. If you've ever thought that you needed more storage behind your sofa, this is the project for you: The finished table and it's decor looks simply amazing.

The builder needed a table to sit behind the sofa and accommodate lighting and decor in the room, but couldn't find something like this at a reasonable price.

So, she decided to make her own. To do this project, you need a long pine board, some furring strips and some stair rail legs.

Putting everything together is straightforward and intuitive, and we love the detail that the stair rail legs provide.

Take your long pine board and attach the furring strips to the underside.

Use your clamps to hold the furring strip to pine board, and drill pilot holes about every foot along the furring strip. (Pilot holes are small holes drilled into the wood before driving the screw in. This prevents the wood from splitting and keeps the screw straight.

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