By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Soldier Returns Home Early… His Mom’s Reaction Brought A Lump To My Throat.

Military families support their loved ones when they are serving overseas, even though they are counting down the days until they return home safely. Army Specialist Chris Adams wanted to make sure he would give his mom, dad, and girlfriend a special surprise when he returned home to Groveland, Massachusetts.

Adams had been serving for 10 months in Afghanistan, his family knew he was due to return but never got an actual date from him. Adams, who was a firefighter before he deployed, asked his old co-workers to help him with his homecoming; they happily obliged. The fire station called the family and told them to get out of their house and wait outside. They were informed there was a gas leak.

When the trio were waiting on their front lawn, they saw firetrucks but never realized there was a special firefighter coming to greet them. Watch the emotional reunion.

Source: ABC News