By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Doctors Said This 8 Year-Old Girl Would Never Dance Again, But She Didn’t Listen.

Eight-year-old Alissa Sizemore has been dancing ever since she can remember. Unfortunately, the young ingenue's life changed after a tragic accident took her leg, and her loved ones wondered if Alissa would ever dance again. A year later, Alissa decided to perform again - The end of this video will leave you absolutely speechless.

After being run over by a truck, Alissa's doctors were forced to take her leg. Unfortunately, that meant she would likely not dance again - but apparently, Alissa thought differently:

Dancing has been my favorite thing since I was 4. I don't have part

of my leg, but I can't let that stop me. I still want to dance.

This video makes it clear: This brave little girl has an incredible spirit and even more incredible talent, with or without her prosthesis.

Source: Heather Sizemore