By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Guy Sent His Mom A Cutout Of Himself… What She Did With It Is Hilarious.

It’s a very difficult day when kids grow up and have to leave home. For a mom whose job has been to take care of everything from breakfast, driving to school, and helping with homework all the while giving hugs and kisses; a child moving out is hard on the heart.

Redditor and YouTuber Dalton Ross made a cutout of himself for his mom before leaving to study abroad. Most mothers might have cried at the idea of only having a life-size photo of their babies, except this mom decided to make the best of the situation. This mama includes her paper-son everywhere she goes; and this boy does not talk back.

This son never comes home late.

He'll never outgrow Dr. Seuss.

He is always smiling at family get-togethers.

He always finds time to play catch with the dog.

Dalton doesn't miss any games either.

He was so good at the doctor's office, he got a lollipop.

Batter up!

Going out with the family is top priority.

He got caught making out with his date on Valentine's Day.

Like any university student, he eats out a lot.

He still looks adorable during Easter egg hunts.

Source: Reddit