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Co-Workers Discover They Are Father And Son After Working Together For Two Years.

Facebook Friends

Robert and Nathan loved to joke around with one another and tease their other co-workers. As time went on, Nathan and Robert became much closer, and they eventually became friends on Facebook. As soon as they became friends on the social media platform, though, Nathan’s adoptive mother quickly took notice.

Facebook Friends

Robert Degaro/Facebook

Surprising News

One night, Nathan's adoptive mother took him aside and asked him to sit down. She explained that she had something important that she needed him to see. Nathan didn’t realize it at the time, but his mother was about to show him something that would change his life forever.


Nathan’s adoptive mother pulled up Nathan’s page on Facebook. Soon enough, she was scrolling through his friend’s profiles. Eventually, she reached a photo and showed it to Nathan. As she showed him the picture, she said: “I just want you to know that you’re friends with your birth father on Facebook.”

Biological Father

Nathan couldn’t believe what his mother was saying to him. After all, the picture that she showed him was of his friend from Rock Solid Transport, Robert Degaro. Nathan’s mother had no clue that Nathan worked with Robert and that they saw each other almost every day. At the time, Nathan’s adoptive mother just assumed that they had met one another at a truck stop and become friends on Facebook after that.

Biological Father

Robert Degaro


After the initial shock of the conversation with his mother wore off, Nathan realized that he needed to tell Robert what he had learned. Considering that many of their conversations took place on Facebook, Nathan figured it would be easier to talk to Robert about the situation through the social media website.



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