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24 Photos Up For A Prize At Sony’s Annual Photography Awards… And They Are Powerful.

Every year, the Sony World Photography Awards chooses photos and photo series that capture everything from the biggest truths of the human condition, to the smallest moments that make life complex and beautiful.

The shortlist of winners this year is no different. Choosing from 173,44 entries from 171 countries, the judges have chosen images that span a broad range of subjects, locations, and emotions. Check out these spectacular moments below, along with captions paraphrased from the original artist.

#1. “CAESAR”

“Caesar” is a collection of portraits children, all born by caesarean section. moments after being born. These photographs are the first look at a new human being, and are both unique and primal.

#2. “Old Shepherd”

An old Shepherd that was surprised by a snowstorm in Gilan’s countryside, north of Iran.

#3. “On the Tundra”

A Young Nenets boy plays in -40 degrees in Yamal, Siberia.

#4. “Sweat and Blood”

The photographs show a training session of sumo wrestlers from Miyagino stable in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo. The training was a very unique event, as it was attended by Yokozuna Akuho Sho. Who presented his master skills by taking part in several regular fights, all of which he won. Special emphasis was put on showing how demanding sumo is, and how fit and flexible the wrestlers are.

#5. “Frog Story”

Three cute frogs at morning light.

#6. “Cat Mothers”

A series of images from the everyday life of photographer’s family.

#7. “Pray”

Taken in Bromo, Indonesia.

#8. “Pelican Feeding”

These pelicans are residents on the point at Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsular in South Australia. Just like the seagulls, these birds are waiting patiently for fish offal.

#9. “Restricted Areas”

The project “Restricted Areas” is about the strive of humans for technological progress. Humans are always trying to own more than they have – this is the source of technical progress, which was the means to create various commodities, standards, as well as the tools of violence in order to maintain and keep power.

#10. “Underwater Grace”

The photographer attempts to capture the underwater grace and juxtaposition of the synchronized swimming team in Singapore.

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