By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Heartwarming Drawings That Celebrate The Bond Between Dads And Daughters.

Men are often glorified for their hypermasculinity — their physical strength and aggression. This is especially and unfortunately true in America. However, there are many soft and nurturing elements to men that we should celebrate earlier on in their lives. These elements help make them good fathers.

The following watercolor paintings by artist Snezhana Soosh depict the special relationship between fathers and their daughters. In these illustrations, large hands and bodies grow gentle to cater to their little girls, and it's beautiful. Soosh reminds us that it doesn't matter what gender you are — love is always a tender thing.

Sitting on Papa's shoulders makes you feel tall.

Even if he's bigger, he gives you all the space you need.

He crouches down and relaxes his fingers to put your hair up for the show.

There's always time for tea, even when he's got a load of work to do.

When the waves are too rough, he finds a way to bring the sea to you.

It's always worth getting stuck for you.

He teaches you the coolest tricks.

He keeps all the monsters away.

He keeps his belly full so it's always nice and warm.

He tells and retells your favorite stories just to hear you laugh.

He helps you face your fears.

He doesn't go easy on you, because he knows you're a smart cookie.

His heart breaks when he has to leave you for some time.

He comforts you, even if he has few words.

For more of Snezhana Soosh's work, please visit her official Instagram.