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Young Genius Baffles Scientists With His Knowledge Of Mars.

There are people born on this Earth that have absolutely incredible minds. Some can solve complex math problems in a blink of a second. Some have mind-boggling artistic abilities. And others have, well, a more unique type of intelligence. This young boy once told an unbelievable story around a campfire, but eventually, it turned into something much bigger than campfire tales.

A beautiful little boy named Boris Kipriyanovich was born into this world in 1996. After noticing that her son was able to support his own head after only two weeks of life, this doctor-mom knew that her son was something special.

According to his mother, Boris began to speak when he was only a few months old! If you've ever been around a baby, then you already know how uncommon something like that is. But in Boris' case, he was able to read and draw when he was only 18 months old.

When Boris was just two, he started kindergarten, where teachers were shocked by his writing and his incredible memory. It was obviously clear that Boris had a brilliant mind, but people would soon find out just how intelligent Boris actually was.

Oddly enough, Boris had an unbelievable understanding of the inner workings of the universe, even though he had never learned anything about space. Despite the lack of teaching, Boris knew about the stars, the constellations, and the planets. Boris was noted as a child genius, which caused him to receive some crazy looks when he made a strange claim at the young age of seven.

When Boris was seven he went on a weekend camping trip with his parents and their friends. Looking like an average kid wearing a T-shirt and baseball hat, the young boy looked like a wise soul when he asked the grown-ups to quiet down because he had a story that he needed to tell.

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