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These Images Of Earth From Space Put Everything In Perspective.

It wasn't too long ago when we reported on Scott Kelly, one of two astronauts aboard the International Space Station for an entire year, and his liquid ping pong footage. Today, we bring you some posts from his Instagram account that reveal an astronaut's extraordinary out-of-this-world perspective.

At 52 years old, Kelly has lived a fulfilling life not just in space but as an engineer and former U.S. Navy Captain. His identical twin brother, Mark Kelly, has also worked as an astronaut. When Scott's One-Year Mission ends, the two will be compared for any physiological differences between living on earth and living in space.

So, what's it really like living in space? In an interview, Kelly revealed that it's difficult to fall asleep out there because you're always floating, which makes it difficult to enter into a relaxing state.

In order to combat insomnia, he does exactly what he does on Earth: watch TV or read. Luckily for the rest of us, he also takes these wonderful photos.

Astronaut Scott Kelly has been living in space for nearly a year on a special mission and sees mountains like paintings.

Africa, a stunning dreamscape dressed in violet.

More #Africa #EarthArt hues. #YearInSpace #ColorsOfEarth #earth #space #spacestation #iss

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A look at ice on earth in a way you'll never see anywhere else.

#Ice #YearInSpace #EarthArt #space #spacestation #iss

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Kelly posted this awe inspiring photo in memory of those who lost their lives in the Challenger disaster.

A view of aurora from the top down.

Deep and turquoise blues at the Southern tip of India.

Spain is looking pretty in pink.

Enchanting greenery in Southeast Asia.

The green fields of #SouthEastAsia. #YearInSpace #space #earthart #iss #photo

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