By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy’s Friends Turned His Spartan Race Photos Into A Brutal Burn.

Nothing is private anymore. With the existence of social media, every photo, video, and comment is vulnerable to be exposed to the rest of the world, even it you have a private account. One friend shares your cool pic and before you know it, it’s been shared thousands if not millions of times.

Still, folks continue to share their daily activities, vacations, and achievements. It’s hard not to, when you are happy and proud of an accomplishment or happy news you want to tell everyone. There is something fulfilling about friends and family liking or commenting on your post.

Beware though if you have friends with a wicked sense of humour. It’s even worse if they happen to work or are skillful in visual effects. Before you know it, your photo or photos can turn into the next epic Photoshop battle.

This man posted photos of him participating in Reebok's Spartan race.

The race involves various obstacle courses such as running, wall climbing, mud crawling, rope climb, and running while carrying a heavy item, just to name a few.

What this guy thought was a great achievement worthy of sharing on Facebook, turned into a Photoshop battle on Reddit.

He runs with Simba in the Lion King and even takes the time to mourn the death of Mufasa.

If an athlete is unable to complete an obstacle he or she must do a 30 burpee penalty before advancing to the next segment. Run Forrest run!

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