By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Hidden Design Features On Stuff You Use Every Day.

There are several everyday items that we could all be using a little more to our advantage. The key is learning to spot and use their special features, which can be difficult because most of them are so cleverly and seamlessly blended into the item that they go unnoticed or look like decoration.

If you have ever wondered about the holes on the sides of your Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, the indentations at the bottom of wine bottles, or the miniature pockets and rivets on your jeans, for example, look no further. We've provided some simple explanations below.

In most of these cases, we do not have to change anything that we are doing. Sometimes it makes enough of a difference to know why these features exist. In doing so, we can appreciate good design. They say that the best designs are the simplest ones and after revisiting these objects, we could not agree more.

#1. Bottom of Wine Bottles

What's the purpose of the indentation at the bottom of your daily drink of choice? It's to relieve pressure while removing the cork. You'll notice that champagne bottles have an even larger one.

Bottom of Wine Bottles

#2. The Tiny Hole in iPhones

You'll notice a tiny hole between the lens and flash on your iPhone. It's a microphone! But aren't there already two others? The primary mic, the one you're used to seeing, is used for picking up a variety of noises, including your voice, while the secondary mic picks up ambient noise. There's a noise-canceling circuit that eliminates background noises and makes your voice sound clearer.

The Tiny Hole in iPhones

#3. MacBook Charger Hooks

You've probably learned about this one when it went viral a few years ago but the hooks on your MacBook charger are there to help prevent you from breaking it. The next time you're putting it away, try wrapping it like this.

MacBook Charger Hooks

#4. Plastic Liners Under Bottle Caps

Check out the blue liner. This pressure seal is softer than the plastic used for the rest of the bottle and helps ensure the freshness and carbonation of your drink.

Plastic Liners Under Bottle Caps

#5. Bobby Pin Grooves

Most women are surprised to learn that the grooves actually face the bottom. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When they're planted on the bottom, they stay more secure.

Bobby Pin Grooves

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