By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Fan Turned A Quadrocopter Into A Star Wars Speeder Bike… The Stormtrooper Loves It.

For the last few year or so, talk of Amazon using drones to deliver packages has been buzzing everywhere. Quadcopter drones are pretty remarkable, given the fact that they are able to stay on one path without be affected by winds or air conditions - not to mention the fact that they're mounted with HD cameras.

It's hard to believe that a drone could get any cooler than it already is, but that was before you saw Adam Woodworth's Stormtrooper drone - what if this showed up at your house with your latest Amazon Prime order?

Woodworth is a Google engineer and Star Wars fanatic, and he was able to mount the Stormtrooper on a heavily modified quadcopter drone, which he transformed into an Imperial Speeder Bike. The final product is pretty impressive, even if this Stormtrooper won't be bringing you packages any time soon.

Source: dose