Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Awkward Spelling Mistakes That Will Make You Blush.

Making mistakes is normal. It's inevitable and will happen all throughout our lives because we are, after all, human. Some mistakes, however, are just too funny to not laugh at.

Misspelling is a common mistake many people make. We get it, spelling can be difficult from time to time. But how grand is it when someone misspells a word that changes the entire context of the sentence? It's pretty hilarious and so we've decided to share the wealth with you.

Check out some of the worst (yet most hilarious) spelling mistakes ever below.

#1. A typo on a receipt... or so we hope.

Otherwise... that's some interesting branding.

#2. Obviously someone here should be shamed.

And shouldn't be the one to ask such a question.

#3. Welcome to our restaurant!

Would you like to hear our specials today or did you already read them on the board?

#4. Men at work have it so hard.

No pun intended.

#5. Apparently not.

Dear teacher, please be kind to your student and explain the irony in this card.

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