By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

How To Make The Bed With A Gang Of Bald Kittens (It’s Harder Than You Think.)

There are just some things you don't see every day: A total solar eclipse, a sandwich with Fruit Loops on it, quintuplets, or a bed full of bald Sphynx cats making lots of mischief.

Luckily, when the last oddity actually did occur, there was someone around to record it.

These playful Sphynx kittens seem to alternate between helping their human make the bed, and trying to play in it. The video is most likely from a breeder who will be adopting the kittens to their forever homes soon, so we're glad they got some time in to cause a ruckus together.

Here's 14 photos that prove Sphynx cats are awesome.

Source: Vanda Santos