By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Hilarious Irish Woman Tries To Kill A Spider… I Think It Died From Laughter.

My mother is a reasonable woman who isn't prone to very many outbursts -- unless, of course, a spider is involved. If a spider makes itself known to her, she abandons all rationale thought and goes purely emotional: Screaming is absolutely necessary, and any inanimate object around her becomes a weapon.

This terrified Irish mother can certainly relate.

In the video below, an Irish woman reacts tremendously to the presence of a spider on her wall, completely losing her s**t while her children film her, cackling at her hyysteria. Knowing that this is how my own mother would react,I can't help but feel bad for her -- but I also can't help but laugh out loud.

Have you seen a peacock spider dance?

Source: Shane O Connor