By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Meticulous Spider Building A Web In Hypnotic Time-Lapse Footage.

Whenever we see a spiderweb, our first reaction is to wipe it away and how many of us have walked face-first into a web. While most of us may not give the webs themselves a second thought, you have to consider the impressive design and purpose of the common spiderweb, particularly that of the orb spider.

The orb spider works as an acrobat and engineer to construct its intricate garden webs. It begins its work by balancing on a fine bridge line, systematically adding anchors to each side of the web.

The majority of araneids build one web per day, working through the night. The silky home is important as the species mate in the middle of the net. The spider is so meticulous that it inspects every angle to ensure there is enough webbing. When not used to mate, the sticky silk mesh will be the perfect trap for its prey.

This time-lapse video is an example of how perfect nature works.

Source: BBC Earth Unplugged