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By Krista Miranda

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There's A Real-Life Spiderman Who Spends His Time Visiting Sick Children.

He continued to visit sick children in the hospital and eventually he was given permission by four hospitals to continue to visit.

It wasn't long before Ricky started his own non-profit called Heart for a Hero. After awhile, Ricky began to visit children with terminal illnesses.

Ricky knew that the many of the children he was visiting wouldn't be alive for much longer, and it took a huge toll on him.

Ricky began visiting a child by the name of Charlie DeGrange. Charlie and Ricky became very close. Sadly, Ricky slowly watched the tumor claim Charlie's life.

Regardless of the emotional toll that visiting sick children was putting on Ricky, he refused to give up.

"Holding children as they take their last breaths. You’ll never feel more vulnerable than you do in that moment. Every other difficulty in life, I’ve been able to shake and move forward. But this? It’s something I’ll never shake, and I’ve come to terms with it. My life is theirs and the journey goes on," explained Ricky.

Ricky knows how important his mission is to the children that he visits.

"Visiting children is my passion and I’ve been tested beyond measure in doing so. Nonprofits are up and down financially as we are in such a low that I sold my car yesterday to come up with money to survive as well as continue being Spider-Man," said Ricky.

It's because of heroes like Ricky that terminally ill children can spend their last days smiling.

"I won’t give up and am relentless in my need to share the stories of these children," explained Ricky. The world needs more people like you, Ricky. Thanks for doing what you do!

Source: Love What Matters

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