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24 Back Tattoos That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine.

There's something about spine tattoos that are just so elegant, especially if it's the only tattoo on a person's back. Having a design go down the center of the back has a natural simplicity to it.

Be warned, however, spine tattoos are known to be very painful — in fact, one of the more painful locations to receive a tattoo on the body. Since it's an area where there's a very thin layer of skin covering the bone, the pain can be almost unbearable.

But don't let that scare you! Let these beautiful photos of peoples' spine tattoos inspire you.

#1. Plants

If you have a love for plants, then get a botanical tattoo. It can be leaves, vines, or any type of plants going down your spine.

#2. Linear Patterns

Most people associate a spine with a vertical line. So it only makes sense that a design filled with linear patterns look gorgeous on the spine.

Linear Patterns

#3. Chakras

Chakras are the spiritual powers of Hinduism. These symbols are particularly popular amongst yoga fanatics as they represent the centers in a body in which energy flows through.


#4. Sacred Geometry Design

What's more beautiful to put on your spine that symmetrical lines?

Sacred Geometry Design


#5. Dotted Diamonds

When in doubt, take a simple route. These diamonds are simple but the dots are what makes them look so elegant.

Dotted Diamonds

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