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By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Signs You Love Your Pet Too Much… Seriously #10 That’s Just Creepy.

When a person makes the decision to bring a pet into the household, the pet also becomes a part of the family. They become a family member that's equally loved and cared for.

A lot of people tend to spoil their pets and we don't blame them. Having a pet is like having the companion you've always wanted. They're always by your side.

Some people, however, take the spoiling a little too far. You can say they treat them better than their first born child. And the results are hilarious.

#1. You want to make sure that they always feel beautiful.

Even when they're feeling a bit bigger than usual.

#2. You make their home a sanctuary.

Regardless of what size their home may be.

#3. You work hard for them.

Because they deserve to have the life you never had.

#4. They have a pool even when you don't.

After all, their needs are much more important.

They have a pool even when you don't.

#5. When your pet has a special place in your heart.

And takes up 90% of your wall space at home.

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