By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Can You Find The Dog Hiding In These Photos? HINT: He’s A Border Collie.

Ontario-based designer Andrew Knapp lives with his adorable border collie named Momo, and he's a dog with a very particular set of behaviors. Knapp discovered that instead of fetching sticks and returning them, Momo would instead go hide wherever he could find.

Knapp started snapping photos of Momo's peculiar hiding spots and giving them away as gifts, but now, he's taken it a step farther: He's published a book of Momo hiding in plain sight in many different locations.

Momo is surprisingly hard to find, despite the fact that he's black and white. See how many times you can find him in the images below.

This one's easy: Here's what Momo looks like.

But can you spot him in any of these images?

Andrew Knapp

Andrew Knapp