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24 Spring Break Fails That Are So Embarrassing You’ll Feel Bad For Them.

In 2014, more than 10,000 high school and college students decided not to party during spring break and committed themselves to building houses with Habitat for Humanity instead. It's stats like these that give us hope, because many of us are well aware of spring break's bad reputation.

The average college student consumes about six alcoholic beverages per week compared to about 10 drinks per day on spring break. Due to its legal drinking age of 18, Cancun is a popular spot for many young people (about 100,000 spring breakers each year). Unfortunately, many of the festivities turn to debauchery. Over 2,600 Americans are arrested and according to the American Medical Association, more than half of college students know friends who engaged in sexual activities with more than one partner over the vacation.

Below you'll find a compilation of spring break fails that you can send to your friends (or kids if you have them) along with an invite to help build houses.

#1. The perfect Spring Break shot with your friends (plus a creeper in the background).

#2. Cheers from Minnesota!

#3. Losing your ID? Fail. Having it returned by the Blue Man Group? Total win.

#4. Just another hard-hitting reality during spring break.

#5. Enjoying spring in Ann Arbor!

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