By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Confused Pig Thinks She’s A Sheep… And She Pulls It Off Perfectly.

Little Squeak is a miniature pig who joined the family at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, Lancefield, on July 22 of last year. Before that, she had been living at a Melbourne animal shelter, where her previous owner surrendered her upon a change of circumstance. Despite a rough start, she has adapted well to her new home, and has made many new friends.

You can watch Little Squeak, also called Squeak the Sheep-Pig and the "new Babe," running around with glee in the video below. Just one look and you'll see why she's stealing hearts everywhere!

For those of you thinking of procuring your own pig, don't get excited just yet. While pigs are social and adorable, the charity organization highly recommends doing the research and coming up with a plan. Pigs require a great deal of commitment, about 10-15 years in total, and they don't deal with separation well. But in exchange for your hard work and soiled clothes, you'll receive lots of love and a loyal companion in return!

(Fun Fact: The not-for-profit was actually named after the founder's first rescued pig, Edgar Alan Pig, a gentle giant who passed away in April 2010. His legacy continues on as the organization seeks to create a humane and just world for both humans and non-humans.)

Visit Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary to see more animals and find out out how you can help support them.

Have you ever heard a pig sing?

Source: Edgar's Mission