By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

Fans Of ‘Doctor Who’ Are Going Nutty Over The Doctor’s Newest Enemy.

Dr. Who has a new enemy— the Cyber Squirrel! Emma Young had an idea that might turn her friendly neighborhood squirrels into the Doctor Who enemy Cyberman. She took an old shower radio of Cyberman's his head, emptied it, and filled it with peanuts and creamy peanut butter. Then she hung it in her Beaulieu, Hampshire garden, just high enough for the squirrels to reach and 'wear' the mask.

At first, the squirrels were hesitant, they've got a sharp eye for suspicious situations. But this one must have figured there was no harm in diving into the delectable treat, so Emma's plan worked perfectly. As a squirrel carefully balanced the mask to its face to pull the peanuts in, photographer Chris Balcombe was gleefully snapping pictures close by.

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