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This Photographer Makes A Decent Living… Thanks To These Cooperative Squirrels.

Geert Weggen spends a lot of time gazing out of his kitchen window, particularly at the red squirrels in his backyard. He's also a photographer, so the images he captures of the red squirrels are pretty spectacular. Here's what Weggen had to say about his work in an interview:

Some years ago I started to take photos from my kitchen window of mostly wild red squirrels, and do that still. Normally, I get bored after doing something for a few years, but not with this. I still watch these beautiful animals almost every day and make photos.

The images below are authentic -- Weggen says the only things that are Photoshopped away are wires and food he uses to lure them. These photos are amazing, and will definitely make you smile.

Weggen's images are real, but with a few tweaks they manage to look surreal.

If only squirrels actually traveled this way.

This one looks like he's having the adventure of a lifetime.

Occasionally they'll cut their food up before they eat it.

The moments that Weggen captures are timed perfectly.

A perfect house, now that Halloween is over.

Just enjoying a nightcap.

Sometimes Weggen lets the squirrels go behind the scenes.

Usually though, they're in front of the camera being adorable.

How cute is this?

Captured at bathtime.

And just hanging around.

This one might actually be smiling.

He has to crack them somehow.

Seriously, Weggen's photos are like something out of a storybook.

They capture the playfulness of the squirrels in a whole new way.

Who wouldn't want to see this guy swinging around their backyard?

Cuteness overload is real.

Seriously, these are totally smile-inducing.

Check out more of Weggen's work in the video below.

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