By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Resourceful Squirrel Uses A Gorgeous Umbrella To Shelter From A Rainstorm.

I think we can all agree that squirrels are just the best. They're way cuter than their other fellow rodents, and there's a much higher chance of them being friendly. Some people even keep squirrels as pets.

Max Ellis, a photographer from the United Kingdom, managed to get a squirrel to do the most adorable thing ever: Hold a tiny purple umbrella. Getting these photos was no easy feat. In fact, Ellis initially tried to entice them by hanging it on a fishing line and coating the inside with peanut butter and sunflower seeds. Even with those delicious treats, it was hard to get the squirrels to come out in the rain.

"I considered building a covered walkway from their tree because I was getting cramp crouching behind the camera." Ellis said in an interview. His patience was finally rewarded when one squirrel got brave enough to check out the umbrella.

The images below were taken during a period of about six minutes. Apparently, six minutes was all it took to get some fantastically adorable photos.

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