This Majestic Stag Accepted A Carrot From A Little Girl. Her Reaction… Priceless.

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The caribou is an imposing animal with long legs and majestic antlers. The reindeers like to keep to themselves, away from the hustle and bustle humans create. Unless of course, you’re a little girl with carrots to hand out, these beautiful creatures might give you a chance.

The young child cannot get enough of the friendly caribou easily taking and enjoying the orange treat. After the quick snack, the animal continues on its way. The girl’s reaction can only be summed up in one word, “wow.”

Parc Omega in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Quebec is a Canadian safari, allowing tourists to get a close glimpse of the northern wildlife. The drive-through tour lets visitors enjoy the stunning scenery of fauna in the comfort of their cars. The park sells bags of carrots for people to feed “safe” animals. We have a feeling the caribou just became this little girl’s favorite animal.

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