By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Powerful Backstage Photos Capture The Raw Beauty Of Ballet.

In St. Petersburg, fine arts are part of the city's rich cultural heritage, and no facet of creative life in the city is more important or iconic than the Russian Ballet.

To document the lives of these amazing dancers, one Russian ballet photographer created the "Soul in Feet" project. Darian Volkova is a ballerina herself, giving her a unique perspective on the art, the dancers, and their day-to-day lives.

"Giving people an opportunity to see ballet through ballerina's eyes - that's what I do," Volkova stated. "As a viewer, you can see just one side of ballet, the world of beauty and lightness but ballet is more than world - it's the universe."

See the images from Volkova's universe below.

She travels around the world with her company, shooting photos at every location along the way.

Often, the photos document the sometimes harsh reality of being a dancer with a professional company.

She's shot dancers from Russia, all the way to Iceland.

"My last destination was France," she said. It was unforgettable! I always enjoy it, I mean to work with dancers from another country. They have different ballet school but we are still soulmates."

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