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You Either Love Horses Or You’re Wrong… You’ll Agree When You See This Magnificent Video.

Most horses nowadays are always stuck in their stable. They wake up in the barn, they eat in the barn, they hang out in the barn, they sleep in the barn and then they repeat everything the next day and the day after that. The only time horses get their exercise is when people come by to give it to them, but even then – the horses get their exercise and physical activity within the barn. With that being said, it is very rare to see a horse outside of its usual barn, let alone on the streets of a suburban neighborhood!

In the video below, we see a clip of Apollo the Friesian stallion taking a stroll with the lovely Carol Whitaker. “Horses & Freedom” posted this video on Facebook and their name alone is pretty self-explanatory. They post videos of horses being free, which is pretty much what this video is of.

Majestic & Strong <3

Carol Whitaker & Friesian Stallion 󾬏

Posted by Horses & Freedom on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Source: Horses and Freedom