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By Huong Ngo

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The Guy Who REFUSED To Let A Flood Interrupt His Starbucks Is Now A Star.

Hong Kong has been experiencing heavy flooding and rainstorms from Super Typhoon Haima. At one point, it even got 70 millimeters (2.75 inches) of rain an hour. One particular shopping center in Chai Wan district suffered greatly.

Someone shared a photo of an old man reading a newspaper in a Starbucks coffee shop at that shopping center. This would have been an ordinary sighting if it weren't for the fact that he was sitting in the Starbucks completely unfazed during a flood.

So what does the Internet do in response? Start a photoshop battle of course.

#1. Here, we have the original photo.

Just a man enjoying his newspaper in the middle of a flood.

Here, we have the original photo.

#2. Oh, horray, he's not alone after all.

He's just been waiting for his friends to come fetch him.

#3. A Starbucks stand at the beach?

This is brilliant! Who doesn't want a nice coffee to sip on while sitting in the sand?

#4. Oh no, it's a tsunami!

But that's not a problem for our guy. He must be really good at swimming.

#5. Of course, why didn't I see it before?!

This is actually a scene from the Titanic film!

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