By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

In Just 16 Awe-Inspiring Photos This Guy Made Me Believe In Beauty Again.

Born in Nepal, Mahesh Thapa immigrated to the United States at age 8. While he was in medical school, he discovered his passion for photography. Despite being on faculty at Seattle Children's Hospital, he makes time to hone his photography skills - from taking images to processing and printing them. He occasionally holds workshops.

As you'll find in the images below, his specialties are landscapes and nature. He has a talent for capturing scenes that will make you wonder. In particular, his recent shots of vibrant fall foliage reflect the beauty of nature unspoiled. There are so many things to feast your eyes on in today's world, but his work reminds us that there is none like that which has existed long before us.

In addition to having a strong Instagram following (@StarvingPhotographer) of over 200K (we're surprised it isn't more), Thapa is also a @pro_ig co-founder.

Source: Starving Photographer