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28 ‘Star Wars’ Babies On A Mission To Destroy You With Cuteness.

Star Wars is simply a saga that doesn’t stop and potentially the greatest film saga to ever exist. Think about it – what other chronicle has ever had an ongoing fan base that’s been growing for over thirty years (since the late 70’s) and will continue growing in the near future? Star Wars is big. And now with the new trilogy in the picture, Star Wars fans are just going to keep multiplying.

With that being said, what do you do when you have a solid Star Wars family but just recently brought in a newborn who won’t be able to watch nor understand the movies your family loves so much? You start them young, just like the wonderful parents who dressed up the kids below.

I mean it’s not really something you can force onto a baby or toddler but you could at least try and have them look incredibly cute while you’re at it.

The cutest ewok ever.

When your whole family is dedicated.

Tall, darth, and handsome.

Chico Vader #starwarsbaby #starwars

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All hail the princess.

Even Obi Wan needs a nap sometimes.

One more month till Star Wars!! #theforceawakens #starwarsbaby #newbornpics

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The radest R2-D2 ever.

R2d2 baby💚💚💚the droid I'm looking for💚💚💚

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Yoda before all the age wrinkles.

Seems only fitting for today's #TBT, who's going to see the movie this weekend?! #doskofoto #starwars

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May the force (and milk) be with you.

This one has been through it all.

A Yoda Santa, that's a new one.

#starwars #starwarsbaby #babygeorgelucas #Luke #geekbaby #parentingdoneright

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What a lucky baby... yes, those are real signatures.

Baby Yoda had a long day today, okay?

#maytheforcebewithyou #babyjedi #starwarsbaby in honor of the new movie

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Princess Leia is not amused.

Princesa Leia da mamãe. Figurino by titia @juliasbarros #starwars #starwarsbaby #starwarsbrasil

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Join the dark side, baby Ethan.

Ethan decided to join the dark side ! Uh oh ! #starwarsbaby #starwars #darthvader #darthvaderbaby

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Looks like parents wasted no time in embracing the new characters from the Force Awakens.

The young and the restless.

Choose it!

My Star Wars babies #starwars #theforceawakens #igkids #igbabies #darthvader #starwarsbaby

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A themed diaper? Now that's true dedication.

The crew.

When you've started involving your dogs as well.

She doesn't look like she wants to be followed.

The Force awakens. #StarWarsBaby #YodaBaby #StarWars #picaboophotostudio #AimeeJuuJuu #Yoda

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In a suburb far far away...

Stormtroopers aren't necessairly evil...

Looks like nobody's come up with a BB-8 baby costume yet.

Ewok or teddy bear?

Looking for love in Alderaan Places.

These parents went in hard with the Photoshop.

The force is strong with this one.

My Young Padawan #starwars #starwarsbaby #padawan #jedi #theforceawakens #babyphotography

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