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By Camila Villafañe

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Adorable Dog Plays Dead Alongside His Street Performing Human.

When you travel abroad to large cities, you’ll undoubtedly run into a couple of street performers trying to attract the attention of tourists. Some of these people’s techniques are really unimpressive, but others will totally knock your socks off. Just ask Yorge Luis Ruiz, a young street artist who has been making a living on the streets of Fortaleza, Brazil, as a statue and he wasn’t alone. But when word of the artist and his puppy spread, it went viral!

Yorge Luis Ruiz is a Venezuelan-born street performer who moved to Brazil.

Since he settled in the city of Fortaleza, he has been making ends meet by entertaining locals and tourists as a bronze statue and he had his adorable pet, Jaspe at his side. Soon, the dynamic duo gained worldwide recognition.

His career really took off once he added Jaspe into his impressive act.

Every day, Yorge dresses up in Bronze clothing. He also paints his skin and hair bronze too. Then he heads to an area of the city where tons of tourists walk by. But all he has to do is stand there in the square to get everyone’s attention.

At a glance, passersby swear they are looking at a bronze statue.

It’s easy to see how Yorge fools people since he spends hours standing there motionless. But when he moves, he undoubtedly scares the living daylights out of people. Once they recover, they probably find the surprise amusing and delightful.

What he does is pretty cool, but everyone seems to love Jaspe even more.

Unlike Yorge, Jaspe doesn’t get a bronze makeover. She probably doesn’t even know why her owner mimics a statue. But like a good little friend, she also freezes unless he moves. On occasion, he’ll break character and kiss her on the neck.

The way that Yorge and Jaspe perform caught people’s attention.

In fact, one tourist took a video and then shared it on Twitter. In less than no time, the video had over 2.8 million views. This was great for Yorge as it attracted hundreds and eventually thousands of followers to his Instagram page.

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