By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Their Interpretation Of ‘Stay With Me’ Is Heartbreakingly Beautiful.

By now, the Sam Smith song "Stay With Me" has probably made it's way into your consciousness, and possibly left you crying at your desk. The mega-hit is all about unrequited, passionate love that never really seems to work out...and how terrible it makes your feel afterwards.

Amazingly talented dancer Emilio Dosal didn't think that a good old-fashioned desk-sob did this song enough justice, so he choreographed it instead. What you'll see in this video might put a few more tears onto your keyboard.

Donal's choreography in this video is aggressive and emotional, which is exactly the tone of a relationship that isn't working out.

More impressive is the space in which Dosal and his partner are performing in: Rarely do we see such complicated choreography performed in a space other than the studio. The finished product is really, really beautiful.

If you don't feel emotionally drained enough, Dosal has other videos on his YouTube channel, many of them wicked choreography performed in unusual settings to deeply emotional songs. Your keyboard will never be the same.

Source: IaMEmiliodosal