By Nick

LifeBuzz Staff

This Energy Hack Is So Easy And It Will Save You A Fortune On Heating Bills.

You're going to love this cheap and simple method for keeping your home warmer during the winter.

A home can lose heat from every outward facing surface such as the roof, walls, and even the foundation. Thankfully, with this simple trick, it's easy to add some extra insulation on your windows. A more pricey option would be to add layers, or glazing, to your windows.

Glazed windows are effective at keeping heat inside a home because they add a small barrier for heat to pass through. Most of the time heat is transferred quickly through a solid material like a thin sheet of metal. But when another sheet of glass is added with a gap between them, the air in the middle makes it more difficult to transfer the heat. It creates a 'heat transfer' barrier, so heat within a home stays inside longer. The same principle must be happening with the bubble wrap in this video. The bubble wrap adds an air barrier to slow the transfer of heat. Pretty clever, huh?

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