By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Pranked His Mom By Replacing ALL Her Photos With Pics Of Steve Buschemi.

Families love to fill their shelves and walls with photos, documenting all of their happy memories over the years. Wedding photos, school portraits, vacation snaps, and more -- all of them have their special place in the house, and all of them are treasured by the people in them.

But what happens when your family photos mysteriously start to change, morphing and transforming into something you've seen many times before -- but never in your home. What happens when your photos

One practical joker decided to pull the most epic prank on his family, slowly replacing their photos with pictures of Steve Buscemi. It didn't take much work -- just a few printed images and some stealth maneuvering -- but it DID take his family awhile to notice. You're going to love their reaction when they figure it out. Find out what happens when your family memories disappear and everything starts coming up Buscemi.

This might be the prank to end all pranks, and it's basically the best thing you'll read all day. Here's the story: A Wisconsin man was bored on summer vacation, so he started exchanging family photos with random pictures of actor Steve Buscemi.

You'd think his parents would notice their beloved family photos changing before their eyes, but...

He posted five pictures in total. Dad was quick to spot Steve in the mix, catching on after day two. He kept quiet, and mom didn't realize what was going on until the fifth photo was placed.

When mom finally figured it out, everyone had a good laugh. “They both thought it was hilarious,” his sister told Inside Edition. “My mom was confused at first she thought something had happened to my brother's senior portrait but then she realized it was Steve Buscemi and died laughing.”

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