By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

WestJet Flight Attendant’s ‘Uptown Funk’ Raises The Bar On In-Flight Entertainment.

Every airline has flight attendants with a particular set of traits and habits: East Asian airlines like Asiana and Korean air have perky flight attendants that do costume changes throughout the flight and who never stop smiling; American airline flight attendants know how to keep fliers calm when it's time to inevitably deplane due to malfunction; and Delta flight attendants know just the look of disappointment to give when you ask for another water.

This WestJet flight attendant knows how to turn the cabin aisle into a dance floor.

The video is of Caralee Savage, a flight attendant from Calgary who used some spare moments to entertain her passengers with a dance to "Uptown Funk." With plane ticket costs soaring, this is the kind of in-flight entertainment that every airline should be offering.

Source: Caralee Savage