Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Sneaky Things Women Do To Let Guys Know They’re Interested…

#6. You have a feeling she stalks you on social media, especially Facebook.

Facebook is full of information. Maybe you'll notice that she's leaving comments and/or likes on super old photos or posts. Her attraction to you may have made her curious.

#7. You receive gifts from her for EVERY occasion.

This means presents for your birthday, Christmas, graduation, a job promotion, etc. It seems like just a nice gesture at first and then the presents just keep coming and coming.

#8. She calls you nicknames like sweetie or honey.

These are all terms of endearment. But of course, keep notice if she calls anyone else this as well. In some situations, there are ladies who just like to use those types of nicknames for everyone.

#9. She really enjoys talking to you.

You're always having the best long conversations. However, don't mistaken a woman who enjoys talking to everyone as someone who solely likes talking to you. There's a difference.

She really enjoys talking to you.


#10. It seems like she's holding back whenever you two hang out.

This may be because she's intentionally trying her best to be faithful to her boyfriend. Of course this doesn't mean you should hit on her. Be respectful.

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