Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

At First Glance It Looks Like A Boat, Until You Get Closer And Then… WOW!

If you’re ever in Miami, Florida and you want to see something really cool, there’s a place you can go in Biscayne Bay.

You’ll have to get there by kayak, jet ski, or boat. 

It’s about a mile offshore from the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

It’s called Stiltsville. It’s a very unique collection of stilt houses, perched on shallow seagrass beds. Currently there are 7 houses, but at one time back in the 60’s there were 27 structures. Fires and hurricanes have destroyed the rest. These houses have quite a history.

It all started back in  1933 when a Miami man who was famous for his chowder named Crawfish Eddie Walker, constructed a wood shack on stilts. It was during the time of prohibition and it attracted partiers who wanted a place to drink, eat, and play poker. Eventually Eddie’s friends built neighboring shacks they called the “Quarterdeck Club.” This was an invite-only gentlemen’s establishment.

Here’s a portion of the article that appeared in Life magazine about the Quarterdeck Club in February 10, 1941.

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