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LifeBuzz Staff

This Model Lost Thousands Of Followers After Posting These REAL Photos.

When 19-year-old Australian model Essena O'Neill spoke out against social media by calling it 'fake' and 'unhealthy,' she gained both critics and supporters among friends and fans. O'Neill is now slated to release a book about her experience, according to her official site.

More recently, London-based model and blogger Stina Sanders, 24, took up a challenge by The Daily Mail to swap her usual photos with more honest and 'unflattering' ones. Her Instagram is usually chockfull with bikini and fancy dinner shots with her 31-year-old boyfriend.

For one week, followers were exposed to a different side of Sanders: removing facial hair, waiting for a colonic irrigation, and even of her pre-pedi runner's feet. She also shared a selfie at a clinic where she undergoes psychotherapy sessions for anxiety.

At the end of the experiment, she lost around 1,000 followers of 10K total the first week. On the flip side, she received more likes and positive comments from women. In short, Sanders had suddenly become more relatable. Today, she has over 100K followers total and is working on a book about female empowerment.

In November 2015, Australian Instagram personality and model Essena O'Neill denounced social media. Her move prompted both praise as a true role model for younger women and backlash, with former social media star friends calling her a 'hoax.'

For different reasons, 24-year-old model and blogger Stina Sanders of London took up the challenge to swap her own glamorous photos for more realistic ones.

Sanders' account, which had a 10K following at the time, was filled with sexy photos like this.

And then it began. Sanders posted this photo along with the admission that she had just completed an intense 2-month psychotherapy session for anxiety issues.

Stina captioned this one, "It's 12:50 I still haven't showered or brushed my teeth. I'm on my second cup of coffee and I'm going to see how long I can go without caring about my personal hygiene. #love #workingfromhome!"

Here is a pre-pedi photo in which Stina, an avid runner, stated that her toe nails were falling off on top of having swollen ankles and disfigured toes.

"When you go to take a selfie but your camera takes a shot before you're ready. Double chins and all! #selfie #letmetakeaselfie," Stina wrote.

Facial hair removal shot.

After a week of sharing these posts, Sanders lost around 1K followers but gained more likes and interaction from women. She realizes that while sex sells on social media, using it as a positive platform is possible - as long as it's done the right way. Stina now has over 100K followers.

I don't follow models or bloggers on Instagram unless they happen to be someone I already know. I use my account to stay connected to family, friends, and community. However, as a woman it is still a positive thing for me to see other women learn more about what matters to them. That is, unless it's purely a marketing ploy.

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