By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Vince Vaughn Just Created His Own Stock Photos… They’re Just As Hilarious As You’d Expect.

Office-related stock photos are awkwardness at its finest: A bunch of people standing around, doing weird things like staring blankly at a stapler, or laughing hysterically at the sight of the salad they ordered for a power lunch. Whether it be the lighting, the poses, or the neutral-tone office wear: these photos are all bound together a particularly delightful mixture of staging and discomfort.

How brilliant is it, then, that 20th Century Fox decided to market Vince Vaughn's new office comedy, Unfinished Business, by snapping pics of the cast in decidedly stock photo-esque positions? The photos are pretty funny, and awkward enough that at first glance, you might think they were authentic.

Twelve stock photos will be available for free download for the next three weeks. You can get the first four right here.

In the future, if you search the words "synergy" or 'streamlined," one of these might pop up for your next PowerPoint presentation.