By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Uses Stones To Create Flowing Works Of Art… His Wall Left Me Breathless.

Johnny Clasper is a stonemason who sees stones as more than just mineral solids. The Yorkshire, England resident uses the rocks and pebbles to design what looks like water flowing, spiralling, all creating movement.

Clasper’s passion with bricks began when he was a kid and worked with his dad, a builder. The son moved from the broom and wheelbarrow duties to other responsibilities. As an adult, Clasper has turned his passion into a career. He admits the secret of his success is simple, “I reject any boundaries to my work and I remain passionate about the work I do.”

Clasper loves the idea of bringing stones to life.

"If stone can be brought to life maybe it could become fluidic and flow like water would,” explains Clasper.

"Any chance I got I would arrange pebbles or shards of slate into flowing patterns or drains, mimicking the flow of water spiralling away," says the stonemason.

Clasper's work proves tradespeople are artists.

Source: Earthables