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Stone Nails Are The Latest Nail Trend, And They’re Surprisingly Awesome.

It seems like the world gets a new elaborate manicure trend from social media every single week, but the recent #stonenails trend might be the coolest -- not to mention earthiest -- trend to date.

There are two ways to approach this new nail look: One you can affix tiny pebbles and stones to your nails, and the other requires you to paint your nails to resemble stones, particularly marble. Either way, it looks pretty cool.

According to the mani-experts of social media, finding stones like these to attach to your nails is as easy as visiting your local craft store, and getting that "cracked stone" effect is just a matter of following a few DIYs. Check out some rad examples of this new trend below.

Stone nails. I've been dreaming of trying this ever since I bought this Bespoke Batch from @pahlish.

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You can transform you natural nails to look like marble and cracked stone, or you can add stones and gems to the nails themselves.

There's plenty of room for creativity with this new nail trend.

Guys, stone nails are now a thing and we are OBSESSED. 😍 (#regram via @fumisnails_vancouver)

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What do you think of these manicures? Could you picture yourself rocking some epic #stonenails?

Have you seen opal nails?

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