Camila VillafaƱe

By Camila VillafaƱe

LifeBuzz Staff

Airline Workers Post Things They Wish Passengers Would Stop Doing.

#6. Someone reaches down into their seat pocket and found....a smile!

We do have to ask though, shouldn't fake dentures look better than your real crappy, crooked teeth?

#7. Okay, y'all. Guess we found patient zero in the overhead bin!

When the apocalypses begins, and we all start getting sick mid-flight, we'll at least know what caused it. Seriously though, how did THAT make it through security, but not your 200 ml bottle of foundation?

#8. Sure, you can buy first class tickets, but you can't buy class, honey!

Flight attendants have seen some horrible things, but we have a feeling this isn't one of them. Is this the reason why they take so long to bring out the food cart? Wouldn't blame them!

#9. This guy couldn't wait simply walk to his seat, and decided to lie down in the hall.

But this offense isn't as bad as clapping after the plane lands, so he gets a pass!

#10. Either someone got too comfy and decided to put their un-manicured nasty foot by this man's side.

Or this passenger's got an embarrassing arm growing out his back. Either way, keep those claws trimmed, and cover your toes! Seriously, it should be mandatory at this point.

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