By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like A Normal Closet, But When She Pulls The Handle… I’m JEALOUS.

No matter how big of a place you have, the number one thing that most people would improve in their homes is storage: There's never enough of it, and creating storage space can lead to simply having rooms full of clutter.

Well, this DIY project will take your storage-inspo to the next level. In what was once a shabby small room, this DIY'er creates the ultimate storage experience: Clean, streamlined, and full of surprises. See how she did it below.

Check out this space: Doesn't look like much, does it?

Well, be patient: It's about to transform into the storage closet of your dreams.

The most insane thing about this closet is that all of the storage is totally hidden.

This means you can keep a ton of stuff without appearing to have a lot clutter.

And notice how the bookcase stairs lead up to the cozy sitting area?

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